Anna Maria Island tarpon fishing is one of the world greatest angling experiences.  As the tarpon fishing capital of the world there is no better place anywhere to target the Silver King for sheer number and size.  Every year tens of thousands of giant mature tarpon migrate to Anna Maria and the Tampa Bay area during their spawning period.  Although we do catch them throughout the year, the peek migration gets here during the first week a may and leave around the 3rd week of July.  It’s at that time we offer phenomenal classic site fishing for the worlds ultimate game fish.  The tarpon average 80 to 130 pounds and the trophies are 200 pound and larger.  Pound for pound they are the strongest fish in the world.  Average battles last 30 min to 1hr plus and monster tarpon can last 2hours plus.  They can jump 15ft in the air, tail walk, flip end over end and shake their head so violently you can hear their gill plates slapping their body in the air from over a 100 yards away.  They are the most exciting game fish in the world to fish for, from the anticipation of watching hundreds of fish at a time bearing toward you bait, to the explosive hit and then the first sky high jump that breaks the silence of the quiet calm water.

Anna Maria tarpon fishing is the best in the world on average days we hook 6 to 10.  On the really tuff days we may only hook 2 or 3 but remember these are fish that average about a 100 pounds.  On the some of the best days of the season we will hook 20 or more.  The areas deeper beaches and passes are like funnels that suck all the migrating tarpon into the immediate area. At times you will actually see multiple schools of thousands of fish. Tarpon fishing Anna Maria Island will be the most thrilling angling experience of your life whether you are a beginning angler or a seasoned pro that lives to fish.