premier captains working together providing world class charters

Anna Maria Inshore Fishing

An Anna Maria Island inshore fishing charters can be one of the most exciting parts of you trip to the area. Whether you are a beginner angler that just want to have a good time or a seasoned expert looking for a trophy species.

Anna Maria Tarpon Fishing

Anna Maria Island tarpon fishing is one of the world greatest angling experiences. As the tarpon fishing capital of the world there is no better place anywhere to target the Silver King for sheer number and size.

Anna Maria Offshore Fishing

Anna Maria Island’s offshore fishing is recognized as the best in the nation and some of the best in the world. The Islands offshore reefs are fed by the fertile breeding grounds of Florida largest estuary Tampa Bay.

Anna Maria Fishing Videos

capt logan (2)

Captain Logan

Local island native Capt Logan is the young gun, but don’t let age full you this guys was born with a fishing rod in his hand and has skill that can only be matched by a few of the very best.  He uses only the finest equipment and operates a custom 25ft Dorado tower boat.  Logan specializes in inshore, offshore and tarpon fishing.  Logan is an innovator to the sport of fishing.  He is always coming up with new and more efficient ways to locate and produce high quality fishing.   Logan’s innovations have been a huge asset to the team, we all learn from him. 

Login has the perfect blend of serious confidence and genuinely happy attitude that make him a real joy to fish with.  He passes his altitude on to all of his fisherman which makes a great day of fishing all that much better. 

capt mike

Captain Mike

Veteran fishing guide Capt. Mike is a longtime local native Anna Maria Island fishing guide.  His years of experience on the water are second none.  He knows the area waters like the back of his hand and knows where the fish are biting under all weather condition.  Mike specializes in inshore and offshore light and heavy tackle fishing.  He operates a top of the line 25 ft privateer tower boat.   His years of experiences and wiliness to never give up make him a great asset to the team. 

He is extremely hard working, full of energy and easy to get along with.   Mike is great with fisherman of all levels and is great with children who are just learning.  Without a doubt is one of the area best well rounded charter captains. 

capt shawn

Captain Shawn

One of our most experienced captains.  Captain Shawn has over 4000 charters under his belt as a professional charter captain.  He is one of the premier Anna Maria Island fishing charters.  Hands down his skills are second to none, and his ability to find trophy fish is legendary.  Captain Shawn was the Saltwater Nation Flats Fishing Champion.  He runs a full custom 25 ft privateer tower boat.  He is especially known for his skills at locating and catching trophy Snook.  He is an inshore and offshore specialist.  The sheer number of days he has spent on the water makes his expertise a huge asset to the team. 

Captain Shawn is a true professional.  He is precise and calculated though laidback and easy going.  He is funny and easy to get along with.  He loves the challenge of taking anglers in search of a trophy of a life time as well as filling the box with some good eating fillets.   


Captain Collin

Local native Anna Maria Island fishing charter Captain Collin is one of the area’s premier anglers.  His ability to spot and stalk is second to none in the industry.  He is a true hunter on the water and always knows where the fish are going be before they get there.  Capt. Collin specializes in tarpon, inshore and offshore fishing.  He runs a custom 25 ft privateer along with all top of the line tackle.  His amazing eyes and patience to keep searching are what make him such a great asset to the team.  He can see a tarpon fin break the surface at over a mile away. 

Captain Collin has a never give up attitude.  He has a fun joking personality mixed with a serious have to catch fish altitude.  He is good hearted and really cares about giving each and every one of his charters the best experience he can. 


Captain Mike T

Local native Anna Maria Island fishing charter captain Mike is an inshore, offshore and tarpon specialist.   He uses nothing but top of the line equipment, like many of the team members he too runs a fully customized 25 ft privateer.  He knows every ounce of the area waters from lower Tampa Bay to the south end of Sarasota, the surrounding beaches and offshore.   He is an expert and reading the water, tide condition and wind direction.   His skills at finding fish and spending extra time scouting alone at every opportunity is what make him a great asset to the team.  We know Mike will find them on the tuff days, as mister consistent he always produces quality action. 

Mike puts a 110% effort into all of his charters and takes a lot of pride in satisfying his customers. He is a family guy so he is great with kid, but also has the skills to teach the highest level expert anglers.